Primordial Speedwagon: The Legend of the Redemptioneers

The Girl Who Cried Monster

Stolen hearts and missing children

As with all entries, don’t be shy about editing in things. This is mostly from my perspective, and I am definitely forgetting/getting stuff wrong.

  • Recovering from our battles within the cave, we returned to the surface and the mysterious giant crystal had vanished. There seemed to be no trace of it, other than the huge crater it left behind. Iorek remembered something from a history book or religious text regarding similar crystals being used as beacons.
  • Tired and obviously blinded by how bright it was during the torential downpour that ensued, we somehow forgot to reclaim our horses, and instead decided to walk the four days in the mud towards the nearest town. Not our best moment.
  • After a lot of walking, we decided to make a fire and camp out. We talked about stuff. Iorek wrote his wife a letter, and we each took turns on watch. Virgil lit Iorek’s face on fire. We eventually make it to the town of Pontois, where we take refuge in an inn called the Greasy Lurker.
  • Virgil goes and drinks by himself. He hears rumours about things around town going missing. He then loses a variety of items mysteriously.
  • Avogadro spots an interesting lady sitting alone in a corner. He prestidigitates some flowers and hits a home run. Iorek, Landred, and Anomis sit in awe.
  • Iorek, Landred, and Anomis eventually meet the Fullière family. Luke and Arianne have three children, Roger, Marlène, and Suzette. Since the inn is pretty busy, there are no rooms available. The Fullières are suspiciously nice to us, and offer to put us up for the night in their home. Unable to find Virgil and Avogadro, the rest of the team goes with the Fullières.
  • Anomis the Bard notes the song the children are signing. A well known nursery rhyme regarding Boggles.
  • It seems that they were actually just really kind people. They warm us and feed us. Their children are adorable, especially young Suzette, who comes down at one point to tell us there’s a monster in her room. Iorek goes up to make sure there isn’t anything there; he sees nothing and reassures the little girl that everything will be fine. The girl goes missing.
  • We suspect the culprits are Boggles, based on the slime trail. We meet up with the rest of the group (along with Avogadro’s new lady friend Lillian, who happens to be a resident of Seaside who requires help from a Wizard to undo a curse. She’s been cursed by a woman named Jade, and it turns Lillian into a sexy newt…at least according to my notes.) We track the boggles over to a water tower, where we proceed to battle. We realize that black dragonborn’s can’t jump.
  • Eventually we subdue one of the boggles and force him to lead us to the girl. He makes a portal inside a wall and we step through and find ourselves near a barn…



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