Primordial Speedwagon: The Legend of the Redemptioneers

Tricks and Traders

Nothing. Nothing but delicious ocean fish...

Point form notes will have to suffice for now. I’m in the process of collating some data and reticulating some splines.

Feel free to flesh this out. Iorek wasn’t around for some of this.

  • Stood in line for a while and attempted to get our papers/negotiate our way into the Kingdom of Seaside; failed, but sent word to Ser Orianne of Seaside. Established a false back story that Virgil lived in Seaside. Lillian claims she lived in Seaside, but that the identity papers situation is new.
  • Exited the building and noticed Reaver in more formal attire (along with 18 other Riders) addressing the crowd, trying to convince them to join their cause. We confronted him and attempted to discredit him and win the crowd over to our side. For the most part we failed. Enraged Reaver to the point where his visage briefly took on some serpentine characteristics. The Riders (at the very least Reaver himself) seem to be worshipping or in some other fashion influenced by an old serpent god. We discover that they have set up a prison camp in the ruins of Laon, forcing people to mine.
  • The guards of the Kingdom of Seaside are screening and preventing people ravaged by a plague from entering their realm. We spoke to a few of the refugees. Found out they acquired the plague from Lizardfolk who were selling them mushrooms and stone tools. There seemed to be some infectious spores afoot.
  • We also learned there were some dragons afoot. Scarsnag the Black seems to be hanging out in the Marsh, while Celladon the Green seems to be living in the Forest, and also seems to be responsible for telling the Lizardfolk to trade with the humans. We haven’t confirmed if Celladon is also the source of the plague, or he is intentionally poisoning humans, but it seems likely. Other than the original dragon egg we found in the mine and gave to Reaver, this marks the first appearance of dragons.
  • Dragons took some time out of their evening to fuck with us. Unconfirmed whether or not they were fighting amongst themselves or teaming up to screw around with us.
  • Attempted a ruse to get information from the Lizardfolk Traders. Deerhorn and Iorek piloted wheelbarrows containing Lillian/Avogadro and Anomis/Virgil, respectively, who were hiding under burlap sacks. Communicating in Draconic, Iorek attempted to negotiate a deal with the Lizardfolk. We got some information regarding the location of the dragons. After an unlikely amount of time of successful maintenance, the ruse fell apart when the Lizardfolk demanded some of the fresh ocean fish it was claimed that the wheelbarrows contained. Iorek and Avogadro attempted to coordinate the presentation of a prestidigitated fish, but Iorek shit the bed. The floating magic fish was less impressive to the Lizardfolk than you’d imagine. Deerhorn and Iorek drew their weapons, before pulling off the burlap sacks and beginning combat.
  • After defeating the four Lizardfolk, we pinned one to the ground and got some information from him. We investigated their goods (which were infected with the spores. Anomis managed to avoid getting infected), Avogadro re-collected the gold we bribed them with, and we proceeded to strike a deal. He takes us to the “witch doctor” and we let him live. The “witch doctor” in question will presumably have information about the plague, or the green dragon Celladon, and be helpful. Or we’ll probably kill him.
  • We made a makeshift warning regarding the hazards of Trading with humans, by mounting the heads of the fallen Lizardfolk on their spears near the side of the road.
  • Lizardfolk in tow, the Redemptioneers ready themselves to move on.



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