Iorek Ashmark

Dragon-man with an affinity for talking flowers


Iorek is a Dragonborn Warlord.

He stands just under seven feet tall, and is a solidly built 320lbs.

His scales range from dark obsidian-like black (his primary colour) to a dark silver hue (palms of hands, throat, etc.). His eyes are red.

He enjoyed long walks on the beach with his wife.


Iorek is the second of two sons, noble-born to Clan Ashmark. His older brother Narik was groomed for a life of political intrigue by their father (Karunda), while Iorek was sent off to learn the arts of war with their uncle (Palluk).

The ruins of an ancient Dragonborn temple became the focal point of a feud between the two most prominent clans of the area, Clan Ashmark and Clan Silverspear. For generations a bitter feud raged between the two, as each clan claimed the ruins as their own, and neither was willing to negotiate any sort of settlement. As Elder of Clan Ashmark, Karunda (Iorek’s father) was particularly hostile towards the members of Clan Silverspear.

At a gathering of the clans meant to discuss peace, tempers flared, and Narik (heir to the lands of Clan Ashmark) was slain by Balasar (heir to the lands of Clan Silverspear). While his brother’s death pained him, Iorek refused the decree of retribution put forth by his father, as he wanted no further bloodshed; he did not want to start a war. Furthermore, Iorek had secretly wed Nala of Clan Silverspear, daughter of his father’s chief rival and sister to his brother’s murderer, in secret. Discovery of the marriage was the final straw, and Iorek was banished from his home; his wife was forbidden and prevented from following.

Iorek traveled around from town to town looking for work; falling on hard times. He eventually made his way to the town of Laon, where a local inn-keep named Francois took him under his wing, game him room and board, and all he had to do was crush small animals in an underground fighting pit.

Iorek Ashmark

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